RDV’s 123BIM Technology, focuses on an immersive experience rather than photorealistic renderings, and is helping companies like Atkins, Dewberry, HDR, Stantec, TranSystems and many others win projects, evaluate design alternatives, engage with the public, collaborate with stakeholders, and accelerate project delivery.

Because You Can’t Afford To Be Misunderstood

At your next Public Involvement Meeting (PIM), let 123BIM help explain the complex and expedite stakeholder design approval.
In-house high-end graphics created for PIM are powerful but can be expensive, especially when the result is a NO from the stakeholder to your proposed design. Negative stakeholder response results in additional manhours (additional expense) needed to modify the design, and then re-create the high-end graphics that will hopefully result in a YES.
123BIM bridges this communications gap with its 1 Stop Shopping design approval tools. Once the design is approved, the geometry from 123BIM can be exported and repurposed for ‘design approved’ high end graphics. Thus, saving manhours and additional expense.

“As soon as we opened the RDV model the level of hostility in the room dropped by 80%.”
North Carolina DOT

“The RDV models were the star of the show and made it possible for our team to share an extremely complex proposal with the public, in a way that was easily understood.”
Connecticut DOT

“RDV provided highly effective presentation materials that awed all who saw them. RDV was a pleasure to work with. They provided a very high-quality product at a very reasonable cost, on time and within budget.”
Maine DOT

ROI- One CAD Model – Multiple Output options

Visualization Integrated into Project Websites

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For case studies, project examples, of RDV’s 123BIM technology, please visit: http://www.rdvsystems.com/